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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2386: How To Defeat The Habit Of Drifting
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#2386: How To Defeat The Habit Of Drifting

We can all communicate with each other because we agreed to respect and understand the meaning of certain words and phrases in the dictionary.

In today’s masterclass, we need to talk about why the dictionary matters. Standards are the enemy of chaos, and dictionaries are the standard of language. So, removing it will get us into chaos.

The dictionary allows us to have a civil society.

Show notes:
[10:35] #1 Dictionary is a baseline just like religious texts are the baseline for people who follow certain religions.
[16:13] #2 Dictionaries are guardrails to protect against chaos.
[26:11] #3 The dictionary matters because people who want to introduce chaos in the system, the first thing they do is remove or ignore baselines.
[29:06] Recap

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