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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2382: The Kyrie Irving Situation: I Have Questions
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#2382: The Kyrie Irving Situation: I Have Questions

People usually make claims, judge, or comment about a thing even if they only have one percent knowledge about it or most of the time none. Critical thinkers don’t make claims based on emotions and what someone tells them.

Disclaimer, what I will talk about today is not about the contents of the documentary shared by Kyrie Irving on his social media platform.

Today’s class is about questions that I have about the Kyrie Irving situation. I like to address the capability of humans to critically think and not to make assumptions based on emotions. Fact check your information before we can argue.

Show notes:
[9:57] #1 I like logical arguments over emotional ones.
[20:08] #2 Can anyone formulate an argument these days without repeating the popular talking points?
[22:47] #3 What if somebody you like says something and they get punished? Will you still say, “free speech doesn't mean freedom from consequences.”?
[29:04] #4 Can you explain why the claims made in that documentary are wrong? And why is your view of history right?
[32:11] #5 Why are you so sure that he's the idiot, and you're the smart one?
[36:02] Recap

Episodes Mentioned:
1826: How To Be A Critical Thinker [1/2] 
1612: How To Formulate & Present A Logical Argument 

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