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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2380: Do You Want To Be Average Or Exceptional?
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#2380: Do You Want To Be Average Or Exceptional?

People mostly do things that are similar to what everybody else does and that is how they become average. Look at the areas of your life where you want to be exceptional.

In today’s masterclass, I will talk about how to live life exceptionally and how you can be the person you ultimately want to be.

Raise the bar! Live up to your potential, and don’t blend with the people.

Show notes:
[8:24] #1 The majority is wrong about pretty much everything.
[12:14] #2 Simple formula: Separate yourself from the average.
[19:38] #3 You not only have to divert off the beaten path, but you also have to prove yourself correct.
[23:10] Recap

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