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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2373: Compare And Despair
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#2373: Compare And Despair

It is normal for humans to look elsewhere to find something or someone to compare themselves to.

Even if you are doing so well yourself, you will eventually find someone who is outdoing you. Then you'll wonder why you're nowhere close to where these people are. That’s when the cycle begins of comparing and despairing over it.

A lot of what we do here in work on your game is going against the grain of human nature; which is making sure you are not getting into the comparison game.

I will lay out all the how-to strategies for you to be on track.

Show notes:
[11:32] #1 Another person's path is not your path
[13:38] #2 You don't know the full story of another person's life
[16:31] #3 Mind your own business
[21:21] Recap

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