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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2368: Know What The REAL Game is
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#2368: Know What The REAL Game is

If you want to stay in the game, here's what you need to do - learn to play the surface game for what it is, and learn to succeed in the real game.
There will be times in life when you see some bullshit taking place.

You have to either act like you didn't see it, or you have to learn to accept the bullshit for what it is.

In this episode I will show you how to see through society’s game.

Show Notes:
[09:15] #1 The Real Game is often Not shown in the surface.
[14:28] #2 The real game is often obvious when you know where to look.
[22:06] #3 Know the real and surface game.
[24:42] Recap

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