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Work On Your Game Content/#2362: Leapfrog Theory: Jumping The Line Of Success
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#2362: Leapfrog Theory: Jumping The Line Of Success

The leapfrog hypothesis discusses how to achieve success without copying other people's methods. What I want you to learn from this masterclass is that you don't always have to follow the path that others take to success since having your own path to success can sometimes get you there more quickly than anyone else.

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Show Notes:
[06:16]#1 Stop following the path just like everyone else
[17:50]#2 Look for the shortcuts that can get you to the outcome without using the same process that others use
[21:21]#3 Work on your mindset and stop thinking that you are unworthy

Episodes Mentioned:
1025: The Opportunity Is In The Opposites
1177: Insight: The Key To Going From 1X To 10X

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