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Work On Your Game Content/#2360: How To Concentrate: The Strategy
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#2360: How To Concentrate: The Strategy

One of the things that a majority of people lack when they desire to do something is concentration. Without concentration, achieving goals and expanding your possibilities in life can be challenging.
Today is the start of a two-part series where we’ll discuss a) what exactly concentration is, b) why it is necessary, and c) how you will put it into practice?

Tune in now to answer these questions!
Show notes:
[04:48] #1 Understanding the value of concentration.
[12:25] #2 Focus exclusively on the few things that will get you the results you want.
[15:47] #3 The opportunity is always in the opposite.
[19:19] Recap

Episodes Mentioned:
1193: Focus: The Force Multiplier
1025: The Opportunity Is In The Opposites

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