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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2356: Unattainable Aspiration: How Mass Media Sells Us Products
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#2356: Unattainable Aspiration: How Mass Media Sells Us Products

#2356: Unattainable Aspiration: How Mass Media Sells Us Products

I got this masterclass idea when I was at a conference where Jamie Kern Lima was the speaker. She is in the cosmetic industry and she tells her story about her experience on how she became the first woman in the history of the Loreal brand to become a CEO.

Jamie Kern Lima experienced being rejected by so many companies because she used plain models for her makeup line, and companies are telling her that if she wants to sell, she should use a model that is hard to copy and that women can never achieve.

These companies that gave her these ideas are similar to the mass media today!

Mass Media Sells you dreams that are unattainable so that you keep on paying!

[09:27]#1 Mass media is designed to show and tell that you are not enough
[13:21]#2 Making somebody feel weak, vulnerable, and embarrassed then selling them something about that weakness.
[16:50]#3 Nothing is wrong with working on yourself but don't do it because somebody told you to do it, do it because you want it and you want personal growth.

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