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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2349: You Need ABSOLUTES – Not Maybes
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#2349: You Need ABSOLUTES – Not Maybes

Successful people think in absolutes. Successful people say, “this is what needs to happen. ” In other words they know what they really want and if things don’t work just like how they wanted, they are gonna do something about it. Absolutes! No excuses, No Maybes!
The main reason why this masterclass even exists is that if you can apply the things that I’m going to share here today, the more likely you are going to meet with success!
It’s not a guarantee that you’re not going to experience failures but, if you apply the things I’ll share today, I guarantee that you’ll get past failure and get back on your way to success.
Listen up!

Show Notes:
[04:12] #1 Successful people think in absolutes. Revisiting a quote from Daniel Kennedy.
[11:46] #2 People don’t want to deal with absolutes because everyone relaxes in the comfort of having an escape clause.
[22:07] #3 When you don’t give yourself have any other option, you get things done.
[31:39] Recap

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