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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2347: The Genesis Of Success
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#2347: The Genesis Of Success

Having a lot of money, a nice car, a fancy suit and even having a bunch of numbers on your social media is not the basis we call when defining success. So in this masterclass today I’m gonna share with you what is the true meaning of success. Where does it actually begin and where do you start it to make yourself successful?
And if you are interested in becoming a successful one, tune in now!

Show Notes:
[04:41] #1 Look in the mirror, and you must see a wildly successful person
[09:47] #2 You need to get detailed about what that wild Success actually means
[20:19] #3 Now that you’ve done all that, get out of the mirror, and carry yourself as the successful person
[22;47] #4Burn the following idea onto your brain:;
-success is not about what you have, it’s also not about what you’ve done contrary to what you’ve been taught
– What you have, and what you have done are merely indicators of success
[24:51] Recap

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