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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2340: Your Top 5 Problems AFTER Your Business Is Making Money
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#2340: Your Top 5 Problems AFTER Your Business Is Making Money

Your problems do not end once you start making money, your problems are actually just starting. Don’t think that making money is going to end the challenges you’re facing in your profession or business. In this masterclass I want you to understand that money will not end problems, you’re just going to have it in different sets.

Show Notes:
[06:09] #1 You got to where you are via tactics, now it’s time to get strategic.
[10:06] #2 You’re going to have to break your old habits and actually get disciplined with what you are doing.
[14:15] #3 The secret weapon that you are missing is that you need to plug into a system.
[21:34] #4 You need the system first so you can make a plan.
[23:34] #5 You need to buy some time back, or you need to get some of your time.
[29:29] Recap

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