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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2336: How To Turn A Desire Into An Obsession
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#2336: How To Turn A Desire Into An Obsession

What is something that you desire in your life? Now, if you could be obsessed with that to the point that your mind is filled with it, you might get to it a lot faster, and you increase your chances of achieving the thing that you desire.
Choose wisely which desire you turn into an obsession.
Listen up!

Show Notes:
[09:03] #1 You must make that desire your dominant thought.
[16:35] #2 You must find a desire to attach yourself to emotionally,
[19:56] #3 You must create or plug into a system that puts you in front of or puts your desire in front of you continually.
[24:09] Recap

Episodes Mentioned:
2023: The Life-Changing 48 Hour Experiment
2013 – The SAME Things, The SAME Way, EVERY Time

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