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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2314: No One Deserves A “Living Wage”
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#2314: No One Deserves A “Living Wage”

Minimum wage now called Living wage can’t be demanded by anyone from employers even if mandated by law. This verbal morphing or gymnastics phrase called the Living Wage will not override the realities of economics that people will only get what is proportional to the value that they offer.
Work on your game. Raise your value and command your worth.

Show Notes:
[05:07] #1 The phrase “Living Wage” is another form of verbal gymnastics or morphing of the meaning of terms which softens or expands their definition to make it sound more acceptable.
[17:32] #2 You only deserve something when you have it. Whatever price you can command to the open market is your worth.
[23:02] #3 If you can’t cover your basic needs with whatever job you’re doing, you have to step your game up, demonstrate that you can offer enough value so that you can negotiate to get whatever you want by commanding and not demanding.
[25:47] #4 Value for Money. Raising the minimum wage only makes the sensible business owner hire people with a higher value. Those who do not offer value equal to the price of the minimum wage won’t get hired.
[32:21] Recap

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