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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2312: How To Be Immune To Criticism
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#2312: How To Be Immune To Criticism

You’re going to get criticized, attacked, ridiculed, and people are going to offer you any kind of hate the more people know about your success. You’ve got to have thick skin to deal with the criticism that is sure to come your way.

But should you really take all criticism that comes your way? Hell, no! Listen to this master class so you know how to be immune to garbage and only learn from the right criticism that will help you achieve your goals.

Show Notes:
[07:17] #1 You must have a rubric for who is qualified and who isn’t to be your advisor.
[11:53] #2 You have to arrange your life and work so as NOT to leave your doors open to the unqualified people.
[15:07] #3 Have people around who are qualified to critique you
[17:44] Recap

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