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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2308: How To Do DIE The RIGHT Way [Part 2: Inclusion]
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#2308: How To Do DIE The RIGHT Way [Part 2: Inclusion]

Now we talk about doing Inclusion the right way.
Day two of a Three – Part Series of how to do Diversity, Inclusion & Equity (DIE) the Right Way. Many call it D,E,I, but here we switch up Inclusion and Equity so it’s DIE because not being done properly, this has caused a lot of institutions to die.
I’m here to fix it!

Show Notes:
[04:26]#1 Inclusion does not mean those who have less opportunities are owed something.
[12:36]#2 In the world we live in today everyone has access to opportunities.
[25:07]#3 How much a person takes advantage of the opportunities available should be measured.

Episodes Mentioned:
2016: Why Journalism Is Dying

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