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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2303: Clear Thinking = Clear Communication
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#2303: Clear Thinking = Clear Communication

When someone needs to tell me a long background story to drive at a point or to answer a question I just gave them, It’s either they’re selling me some bullshit or they don’t really understand the subject we’re talking about.
Understanding something well, allows you to be able to explain your thoughts about it clearly and with as few words as possible.
Skip the story and just answer the question!

Show Notes:
[07:32] #1When your thinking on a subject is clear, you can explain it succinctly and with brevity.
[10:23] #2 All this instant access to all the information we need has made all of us a little dumber.
[16:48] #3 If you find yourself needing to tell a story in answering or asking a question, it’s either your understanding on the subject is not clear enough or you’re deliberately muddying up the waters for whatever agenda you may have.
[23:55] Recap

Episodes Mentioned:
1738: Brevity: The Skill Of Making Your Point Without Talking TOO MUCH
1826: How To Be A Critical Thinker [1/2]
1827: How To Be A Critical Thinker [2/2]

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