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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2298: The Best Investment: YOU
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#2298: The Best Investment: YOU

A 21-year-old male sent me a text message, asking “What do I need to invest in to help me grow my money the most?”
What I told him to invest in yields a higher ROI compared to the stock market, businesses, real estate, and other investment vehicles. We’re here to talk about investing in YOU. This is the most important investment that you need to make and it prepares you to make other investments!
Let me show you how to invest your time, energy, attention, and focus on investing in yourself so you can grow your money consistently!

Show Notes:
[04:48] #1 Markets come and go but the only thing that will remain is you.
[09:46] #2 You will always be able to make money and do things financially if you are a valuable individual yourself.
[12:56] #3 Events, coaching, mastermind, wardrobe, fitness, health, associations. Look at all these categories and ask yourself how much are you investing in these to improve yourself?
[17:09] Recap

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