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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2285: How To Stop Tolerating Incompetency
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#2285: How To Stop Tolerating Incompetency

You have to maintain the standards and not allow incompetence to exist around you because Incompetence will slow you down and cost you opportunities, time and money.
To do this we must be clear with what we mean by calling someone being successful in his task or job. It should not be subject to interpretation and it should be measurable.
Don’t tolerate those,(including yourself) who do not measure up to success.

Show Notes:
[10:12] #1 There should be a clear delineation between what success is and what it’s not.
[14:54] #2 When there are no standards then there is no way to measure success.
[19:41] #3 Incompetency will not be tolerated if you do the following a)set standards b)uphold and measure standards c)Find people who will live up to the standards d)get rid of anybody who wont meet the standards.
[22:00] #4 Where do you allow incompetence in yourself? What is it costing you?
[22:54] Recap

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