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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2284: Why Chaos Is Appealing To The Masses
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#2284: Why Chaos Is Appealing To The Masses

When you remove standards and regulations, the level of entropy naturally increases.
Today we’re going to talk about why anybody would be interested in increasing chaos in society or any type of ecosystem.

Show Notes:
[03:57]#1 Chaos opens new opportunities.
[09:48]#2 Standards are boring.
[12:49]#3 Chaos provides cover for people to do anything they want without consequences.
[18:12]#4 This rampant taking away of standards and regulations in all facets of life is slowly expanding and will soon encroach upon your daily experience, unless those who are aware of it, would start to openly talk about it.

Episodes Mentioned:
1974: Standards: The Enemy Of Mediocrity
2097: Standards STILL Matter

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