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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2272: Why Your “Uniform” & How You Show Up Matters
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#2272: Why Your “Uniform” & How You Show Up Matters

The episode on why I started wearing suits garnered strong reactions. Some of which say things similar to cliches about superficiality.
What other people think about you is your brand. This is how it is and unless you own the entire game, you have to subject yourself to the rules if you want a chance to win.

Show Notes:
[08:42] #1 Wearing a suit communicates respect to the venue, occasion and everyone in attendance
[11:41] #2 A business suit is the uniform of professionalism.
[24:27] #3 Selling out is buying in.
[31:41] #4 Do you want to win the game or prove your point and serve your ego?
[36:09] Recap

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