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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2251: Why You Need A Coach
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#2251: Why You Need A Coach

You don’t see yourself as objectively as you think. In fact, you are the least qualified person to assess yourself.

The highest performers utilize other people and invest in getting themselves a coach who’ll objectively and dispassionately assess, hold them accountable and push them the way they can’t without one.

Show Notes:
[03:27] #1 You are the least qualified person in the world to assess yourself, to discern your own challenges and to hold yourself accountable.
[07:28] #2 Being too emotionally invested in yourself keeps you from being completely objective about the challenges you face.
[15:06] #3 You will never be able to kick your ass the way your ass needs to be kicked!
[17:29] #4 When you pay, you pay attention.
[21:34] Recap

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