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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2234: The “Half-Time” Mentality
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#2234: The “Half-Time” Mentality

Move and Think as if time is not on your side.

If you needed to get more done in less time how would you do it? The fact that you can answer that question means that you are inefficient.

We are woefully inefficient with our time and we do a lot of wasteful and useless activities everyday using up a lot of our time as if we have a lot of it to spare.

Show Notes:
[04:45] #1 Many people who get called a sellout in a negative way are those who enjoy a great magnitude of [05:21]#1 If you had half the amount of time you have now, how can you still have the same stuff done?
[08:26] #2 Where are you being wasteful?
[14:38] #3 Death-ground mindset.
[18:54] Recap

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