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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2233: Why You WANT To Be A Sellout
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#2233: Why You WANT To Be A Sellout

The two definitions of the term sellout are, a) To betray one’s cause or associates for personal gain and b) To sell all units of the same thing. Today we focus on the second positive definition and why some people confuse these two.

Show Notes:
[04:45]#1 Many people who get called a sellout in a negative way are those who enjoy a great magnitude of success compared to those people who are calling them a sellout.
[08:59]#2 You may have to sacrifice some of your sacred cows to get the second definition of selling out which is selling all units of your products and service
[20:04]#3 The goal of selling all your products entails that you focus on that one specific result and be ready for the consequential trade-offs.

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