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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2225: Why You’re Fake-Offended By Little Things
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#2225: Why You’re Fake-Offended By Little Things

People these days are offended by things that really shouldn’t be offensive. In this master class, I’ll share a situation that happened to me on a flight to Philadelphia that highlights being fake-offended, victimhood, mental weakness/toughness, and learning how to deal with it.
If you’re the type that easily gets fake-offended, I suggest you take responsibility and do something about it!

Show Notes:
[13:01] #1 You’re not really offended. Claiming to be offended gives you quasi power.
[14:52] #2 Those who are mental snowflakes have a choice to go where they won’t be offended or they could just toughen-up!
[20:57] #3 Draw the line between what is offensive and what we need to learn to accept.
[24:21] #4 Rampant victim claiming makes people weak as a whole.
[26:54] Recap

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