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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2219: The 12 Work On Your Game Commandments [#1-3]
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#2219: The 12 Work On Your Game Commandments [#1-3]

Today we start a four-part series where we’ll talk about The 12 Work On Your Game Commandments. To be accepted in the Work On Your Game world, you must accept all of these.

Show Notes:
[03:52] #1 Complete Ownership of your situation.
[10:49] #2 Accurate Formulas.
[22:32] #3 Self Honesty.
[28:14] Recap

Episodes Mentioned:
2154: How To Operate By Accurate Formulas
2163: The 4 Worst Inaccurate Formulas You’ve Been Taught
2167: Being “Right” Vs Being Accurate [They’re NOT The Same]
2113: The Skill Of Accurate Thinking
2009: Truth Is Objective
1808: How To Be Objective
1800: How Objectivity Became The New Controversy
1331: Never Lower The Bar Of Standards
1291: How To Raise The Standards Of A Group
2097: Standards STILL Matter
2199: Why DIE [Diversity, Inclusion & Equity] Is The Enemy Of High Performance
1819: Why I’m Not “Woke”

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