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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2200: The Feminization Of Sports, Part 1 of 6
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#2200: The Feminization Of Sports, Part 1 of 6

Today we lay the foundation of a 6-part series on the feminization of sports.
Sports is built by and for men. Masculine energy which is characterized by aggressiveness, dominance, competitiveness, forcefulness, ambition, beating your opponent, and winning at all cost, are the same attributes which are predominant in sports.

Show Notes:
[04:54] #1 Sports by nature is masculine.
[07:42] #2 Sports are driven by males.
[15:40] #3 Sports is a conservative avenue.
[20:26] Recap

Episodes Mentioned:
2039: The Worst Traits Of Feminized Men
1863: How We Bring Masculinity Back
1841: The Emasculation Of Men
1744: When To Be An Asshole (And Engage Your “Toxic Masculinity”)
2027: Is Dre Liberal Or Conservative?

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