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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2199: Why DIE [Diversity, Inclusion & Equity] Is The Enemy Of High Performance
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#2199: Why DIE [Diversity, Inclusion & Equity] Is The Enemy Of High Performance

Giving opportunities based on diversity, inclusion and equity lowers the bar and the standards. An organization intent on winning should only be giving opportunities based on performance. Lower the bar and you lose people who are winners. Raise the bar and you’ll get rid of the loser.

Show Notes:
[05:03] #1 The best performer gets the business. The DIE proponents devalue this. [10:01]#2 Playing to win means getting the best available performers.
[13:35] #3 A legit and flat meritocracy naturally produces Diversity, Inclusion and equity.
[16:53] #4 Make sure that decision makers on top, make objective judgment on who to give and deny opportunities to.
[19:58] Recap

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