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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2175: The Relentless Attack On TRUTH
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#2175: The Relentless Attack On TRUTH

Truth is In accordance with fact and reality. Truth is something that can be observed black and white, which is clearly self-evident and not based on feelings, preference or belief. Because people have been throwing shade and throwing doubt to truth for a long time, now objectivity has become controversial. Let’s not allow this to continue and persist.

Show Notes:
[12:13] #1 Victim Olympics. Examples don’t prove any argument. You can disagree with someone without being phobic.
[21:50] #2 You are much more likely to be killed by another black person. That’s a statistical fact. Google FBI murder statistics by race. People overlook facts that don’t coincide with their preference or belief.
[27:48] #3 CoVid 19. Vaccine?
[32:14]#4 People don’t say anything amidst all the bullshit.
[35:53] Recap

Episodes Mentioned:
1808: How To Be Objective
1800: How Objectivity Became The New Controversy
2078: Examples Do NOT Prove Arguments
1826: How To Be A Critical Thinker [1/2]
1827: How To Be A Critical Thinker [2/2]
2016: Why Journalism Is Dying

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