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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2171: Men: Step Up And Do Your Job!
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#2171: Men: Step Up And Do Your Job!

We need more manliness. Men step up, play your role and take the lead! There would be chaos and the natural order of things would be lost unless you do what you’re supposed to.

Show Notes:
[22:40] #1 Adam and Eve.
[27:29] #2 If you’re born with a penis then the universe has decided that you’re a male. The transphobic line keeps getting moved until you can’t even breathe.
[38:32] #3 The man’s role is in the position of leadership.
[44:16] Recap.

Episodes Mentioned:
1863: How We Bring Masculinity Back
1841: the Emasculation Of Men
1744: When To Be An Asshole (And Engage Your “Toxic Masculinity”)
2121: Dre Speaks Up For Women Athletes
1624: The Biggest Challenges Facing Black America
1173: EVERYONE Is A Role Player
834: Knowing And Accepting Your Role In Sports, Business and Life
1800: How Objectivity Became The New Controversy
1796: Get Some Balls!

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