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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2170: Why We Need Sameness, Imbalance And Exclusion
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#2170: Why We Need Sameness, Imbalance And Exclusion

Sameness, Imbalance and Exclusion is the opposite of the D. I. E. concept. The Diversity, Inclusion and Equity movement, which its hustlers so convincingly present as “good”, that anyone presented with it can’t say no! Today we talk about the dangers of D.I.E. and why a results based individual like yourself would rather have the opposite.

Show Notes:
[13:04] #1 Diversity ,inclusion, equity ethos in Corporate America , most of the time they’re doing it to cover their ass to overcompensate for their feelings of guilt and have nothing to do with the bottom line.
[28:26] #2 Equal opportunity is not equal outcomes.
[36:16] #3 Exclusion. Seat at the table has to be earned.
[43:07] #4 The Concept of D. I. E. starts out as bland and acceptable until slowly it takes more than what it was given and you can’t back out.
[47:46] Recap

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