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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2156: How To Finish When You Have The Opportunity
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#2156: How To Finish When You Have The Opportunity

Many people just don’t have that killer instinct which is that mentality and fortitude to finish things. Relaxing and easing up makes you just how most people are when they see the finish line. These are the average people and you’re not one of them! Go grab what you want!

Show Notes:
[10:13] #1 You must be aggressive to get and remain aggressive to keep the majority of the most valuable things that you want in life.
[17:11] #2 Most people are average. Average people don’t do anything to shape their life.
[22:46] #3 Forget going along, just to get along. Don’t ease up and adopt the “average people mindset”.
[27:27] Recap

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