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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2146: Your "Unacceptable" List (And How To Use Them)
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#2146: Your "Unacceptable" List (And How To Use Them)

Today we talk about the strategic reason why we want to list out the things we do not want in your life.

Show Notes:
[07:10] #1 When Goal-setting is hard to do, try starting things up by listing down the things you absolutely hate.
[16:10] #2 Do not rationalize the unacceptable.
[25:09] #3 People will do more to eliminate pain than to achieve pleasure.
[28:07] #4 Successful people have standards and they don’t accept anything less.
[32:27] Recap

Episodes Mentioned:
1974: Standards: The Enemy Of Mediocrity
2097: Standards STILL Matter
1026: Your Standard: The Best That You Can Do
1291: How To Raise The Standards Of A Group
1986: Your Personal & Professional "Culture"

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