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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2127: Addressing The "Racism" In Pro Sports Management [Pt. 1/2]
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#2127: Addressing The "Racism" In Pro Sports Management [Pt. 1/2]

Today we talk about Bryan Flores’ class action lawsuit against the Miami Dolphins which alleges Racism.

Show Notes:

[10:07]#1 Playing the victim card, how Bryan Flores backstabbed Bill Belichick and framed his lawsuit around this, is bad politics and bad business.

[19:34]#2 Bryan Flores had a job for 3 years and is now being invited for 4 job interviews yet now quotes Martin Luther King insinuating that he’s being refused a job because of the color of his skin.

[24:05]#3 The NFL has made more black millionaires than any other job. Bryan Flores’ Lawsuit is all theater.

[31:55]#4 The Rooney Rule


Episodes Mentioned:

1824: The "Race Hustler": Who, What, Why, And What To Do About Them


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