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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2121: Dre Speaks Up For Women Athletes
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#2121: Dre Speaks Up For Women Athletes

We live in a time where the difference between male and female is slowly being destroyed and it is even reaching to a point where trans athletes are dominating in female sports. Surprisingly nobody is really speaking up for all the female athletes who are going through this so I’ll be the one to do that.

Show Notes:

[14:34] 1) If you are born with a penis you can only play male sports.

[20:29] 2) Here’s my question for all of you woke people.

[29:08] 3) This is why woke doesn't work.

[43:28] Recap

Episodes Mentioned:

1819: Why I'm Not "Woke"

1863: How We Bring Masculinity Back

1841: The Emasculation Of Men

2016: Why Journalism Is Dying


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