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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2114: Business: ALWAYS Personal – And NEVER Personal
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#2114: Business: ALWAYS Personal – And NEVER Personal

What I will be sharing here today is the truth about how business is happening and the way that I would suggest you go about your own business so make sure to listen up.

Show Notes:

[06:57] 1) You can’t do much business without people skills and relationships.

[12:07] 2) Sharp business is not necessarily about being friendly and nice.

[20:15] 3) Most people do not understand what I said in points number 1 and 2.

[22:26] 4) Your job is to strike a balance of accumulating wins for yourself while at the same time being able to come back to the table with the same people you won with the first time.

[25:05] Recap

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