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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2075: Why Black Athletes Can't Stop Trying To Be "Activists"
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#2075: Why Black Athletes Can't Stop Trying To Be "Activists"

None of these black athletes are actually saying anything new or bringing any real intelligent conversation to the table. All they're doing is amplifying things that have already been said but because of their status people will listen to them anyways. There's a reason why so many black athletes are like this and in today’s class I’ll be teaching you why.

Show Notes:

[09:50] 1) White athletes don’t owe anyone anything.

[22:02] 2) When people become successful in the black community and other people in their community didn’t, there's a feeling of survivors guilt.

[28:33] 3) They’re not real athletes.

[39:07] 4) Being famous does not carry with it a responsibility to speak for other people.

[42:29] Recap


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