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Work On Your Game Content/Business and Entrepreneurship/#205: Staying Authentic In Your Brand Message
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#205: Staying Authentic In Your Brand Message

I talked about the 2016 Presidential debates in October and a couple people disagreed - not with my stance (I supported nor favored either candidate), but with the fact that I even covered the subject. Someone commented my mentioning of politics was “off message” or “bad for my brand.”

I straightened the offender out quickly. My “message” is whatever the hell I want to talk about, whether you agree or not with it. And it always amuses me when people who don't have brands want to to tell you what is good or bad for yours. That’s the topic today.

How do you stay authentic to your brand message? How do you establish what your message even is in the first place? And how do you make sure people know this? Today’s show addresses all of the above.

And oh yeah - Kanye 2020.


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