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#2029: Grow Or Die

The world is always moving forward and because of that you should constantly be doing things that can add to your growth as a human being if you really want to make the best out of your life

Show Notes:

[07:02] 1) The reason why seasons exist.

[11:59] 2) The speed of change is increasing faster and faster every single day.

[19:55] 3) Have a strategy and a system in place that creates continuous improvement for you.

[23:00] Recap

Episodes Mentioned:

1736: Questions, Victimhood FAILS & What's Really “Free”: Counterintuitive Beliefs Vol. 5

1737: How to Stop Killing Your Success (And Other Things You Do To Waste Time)

1720: Hard Work Doesn’t Beat Talent, & DON’T Bet On Yourself: Dre's Counterintuitive Beliefs Vol .2

1721: Why Luck Matters And Why Being “Good” Doesn't: Counterintuitive Beliefs Vol. 3

936: Dre Baldwin's Counterintuitive Beliefs Vol. 1

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