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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2023: The Life-Changing 48 Hour Experiment
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#2023: The Life-Changing 48 Hour Experiment

We all want to change our lives for the better but usually don’t know where to start. I’m here today to tell you that changing your life won’t take as long as you think and this 48 hour experiment will be just what you need to help you out.

Show Notes:

[05:48] 1) We all share in common one internal superpower.
[15:10] 2) Go 48 hours straight with only positive thoughts and expectations.
[23:22] 3) There will be challenges you come across as you do this experiment
[31:21] Recap

Episodes Mentioned:

1880: The Law Of Association
864: Success Happens Only On-Purpose
1058: Limiting Your Associations: 3 Levels Of People
1661: You Might Have To Work 10 Times Harder!
1971: You're Only As Good As Who / What You Defeat


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