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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#2018: Why To Attend Live Events
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#2018: Why To Attend Live Events

Why should you attend live events when you can learn almost everything online? I'm going to answer that question in today’s class so make sure not to miss out.

Show Notes:

[09:08] 1) You hear things differently when you’re there in-person.
[15:04] 2) The people who you want to connect with are at these live events.
[21:12] 3) Luck and success happen outside.
[22:57] Recap

Episodes Mentioned:

1415: Competence Of A Teacher, Humility Of A Student
1927: The Steel Man Mentality
1693: The ONE Best Thing To Focus On For 2021
1492: Show Up! The Power Of Being In The Room


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