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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#1992: How To Cut Your Timelines In HALF
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#1992: How To Cut Your Timelines In HALF

Want to get more done but also feel like you don’t have enough time? Then it’s time to start getting things done faster and today’s class is all about how you can do that.

Show Notes:
[05:54] 1) Stop doing everything by yourself.
[09:06] 2) Start skipping steps.
[18:16] 3) Urgency in big dominoes.
[23:04] Recap

Episodes Mentioned:
1100: Delegation 101 for Entrepreneurs
664: How To Delegate Work in Your Business
1429: The 10 % Rule Of Information & Action
1698: Why Being Disagreeable Is The Key To Your Success
1177: Insight: The Key To Going From 1X To 10X

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