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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#1896: The 6 Phases Of The Sales Funnel
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#1896: The 6 Phases Of The Sales Funnel

If you really want to be able to sell yourself or your product effectively then you’re going to need to know these 6 phases. Let’s discuss each of them in today’s class.

Show Notes:
[06:42] 1) Awareness: Getting people to know that you exist.
[12:51] 2) Interest: People need to be interested in you.
[15:56] 3) Consideration: This is the moment the customer is actually thinking about your offer.
[18:33] 4) Intent: This is when the customer is ready to make a move.
[21:50] 5) Evaluation: The last second check the customer makes.
[24:05] 6) Purchase: The customer finally makes the purchase.
[31:42] Recap

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