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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#1894: How To Get Booked For Speaking Gigs
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#1894: How To Get Booked For Speaking Gigs

There are different ways you can package the knowledge in your head and sell it to people who actually want it, one of those ways is through speaking gigs. Listen up, cause in today’s class I’ll be teaching you how you can start getting booked for speaking gigs.

Show Notes:
[08:01] 1) Lead generation and lead nurturing.
[19:09] 2) Doing media and stage appearances.
[26:53] 3) Be discoverable.
[33:13] Recap

Episodes Mentioned:
1893: The Book Business: Traditional Vs Self Publishing + Everything Else
1690: A Dirty Secret That Social Media Platforms Don’t Want You To Know
1652: The 4 “C”s Of Selling
1608: How I Would Create And Sell Products Starting Today
1594: Where To Spend Your Time When Selling
1575: Doing The Thing Vs SELLING The Thing
1573: Sell What They WANT — Give What They NEED
701: Why You Can’t Sell To Save Your Life
625: How To Sell Without Being “Sales-y”
1440: Frameworks: Master Skill Of Organizing Knowledge
1592: The Work On Your Game Framework For Business & Sports
1739: How To Teach Anything- The Point-Story-Application Framework
1760: A 4-Step Framework For Promoting Your Stuff And Getting Attention
1849: A Framework For Selling Yourself
854: Luck Strategy: Be Outside Often
1835: The 3 Marketing Traffic Strategies And How To Use Each

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