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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#1888: Victims Are The New Dictators
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#1888: Victims Are The New Dictators

People are now leveraging their victim status, whether real or not, as a new power to control others. They want you to adjust to how they want and have pretty much become the new dictators of today. Let’s talk about this victim mentality in today’s class.

Show Notes:
[05:24] 1) Due to the feminization of society, someone who becomes a passive helpless victim is now the cool thing to be.
[09:13] 2) Victims now wield the power.
[22:34] 3) What’s going to happen?
[24:56] 4) You have to talk to people who are falling to this victim mentality differently.
[28:34] 5) There are real victims out there.
[29:55] Recap

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