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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#1876: Why Get To The Third Day As Quickly As Possible
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#1876: Why Get To The Third Day As Quickly As Possible

The third day will either make or break you. You will come face to face with this day eventually, so you might as well conquer it when the day actually arrives. Let’s talk about that in today’s class.

Show Notes:
[07:52] 1) It’s inevitable that you’re going to run into the Third Day
[13:31] 2) The Third Day is the separation between professionals and amateurs.
[16:29] 3) Once you reach the Third Day, one of two things can happen.
[21:44] Recap

Episodes Mentioned:
1262: Handling The First Day
1663: Your Favorite Flavor Of “Shit Sandwich”
1862: Want To Be A Creator Or Influencer? Listen To This NOW
1690: A Dirty Secret That Social Media Platforms Don’t Want You To Know

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