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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#1873: A Race Conversation Survival Guide For The Non-Woke
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#1873: A Race Conversation Survival Guide For The Non-Woke

How can you deal with these woke individuals who are so bombastic with their opinions? Listen up, cause in today’s class I’m going to show you what to do against their woke ideology.

Show Notes:
[08:33] 1) This is about defending intelligence.
[11:01] 2) You must arm yourself with factual information.
[18:36] 3) You are not in the business of changing minds.
[22:05] 4) These are the things you should say to woke people.
[33:49] 5) Do not bend your knee to the woke mob.
[36:38] Recap

Episodes Mentioned:
1595: Responding To A “Woke” Messenger Who Sent A DM
1613: Why Victimhood Sells
1632: Best Things White People Can Do To Promote Social Justice
1669: You’re NOT In The Business Of Changing Minds
1788: Destroying “Antiracism” [Pt. 1 of 4]
1789: Destroying “Antiracism” [Pt. 2 of 4]
1790: Destroying “Antiracism” [Pt. 3 of 4]
1791: Destroying “Antiracism” [Pt. 4 of 4]
1819: Why I’m Not “Woke”
1741: Why Asking The Right Question Is More Important Than The Answer

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