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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#1856: Working Smarter And Not Harder
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#1856: Working Smarter And Not Harder

Working harder isn’t always the solution to everything. Most of the time you should be working smarter instead. Join me in today’s class to learn how you can start working smarter and not harder.

Show Notes:
[07:43] 1) Set your standards, create your system and trust the process.
[11:12] 2) You have to get trusted, knowledgeable and experienced professionals around you.
[15:55] 3) You must identify the right levers.
[20:45] Recap

Episodes Mentioned:
616: Respect & Trust The Process
1058: Limiting Your Associations: 3 Levels Of People
1741: Why Asking The Right Question Is More Important Than The Answer

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