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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#1849: A Framework For Selling Yourself
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#1849: A Framework For Selling Yourself

If you want to get your name known then you need to know how to sell yourself. Listen up, cause today I’m giving you the framework you need to follow to take your name to that next level.

Show Notes:
[04:22] 1) Explain who you are and your background.
[06:46] 2) Get to the good part fast.
[10:20] 3) What you did about the situation and what the result was.
[13:35] 4) How are you now living since you have figured things out and how you are helping other people.
[16:14] 5) Tell people what you actually want.
[17:58] 6) Stop speaking and let the other person talk.
[18:37] Recap

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