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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#1841: The Emasculation Of Men
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#1841: The Emasculation Of Men

Nowadays, men are being deprived of their male identity because they are being emasculated. Join me in today’s class to get a better understanding of this war on masculinity.

Show Notes:
[06:38] 1) The weaponizing of feelings and emotions over action bias.
[11:02] 2) Victimhood over response.
[16:58] 3) Passivity over service.
[13:39] Recap

Episodes Mentioned:
1744: When To Be An Asshole (And Engage Your “Toxic Masculinity”)
1199: Developing An “Action Bias”
1819: Why I’m Not “Woke”
1825: Why I Do NOT Fuck With #BlackLivesMatter
1616: What #BlackLivesMatter And #AllLivesMatter BOTH Get Wrong
1132: When To Be Direct In Life
440: Clear and Direct: Communication Principles for Adults
1700: How To Stop Drifting, Have Clear Direction, And Start Hustling

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