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Work On Your Game Content/Podcast/#1828: “Major Keys” To Learn From DJ Khaled
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#1828: “Major Keys” To Learn From DJ Khaled

Even if you’re not in the entertainment industry, there are still things you can learn from Dj Khaled that can help you with your business, career, and even life. In today’s class, let’s look into what we can all learn from him.

Show Notes:
[03:54] 1) Dj Khaled brings the energy.
[06:08] 2) Dj Khaled’s ability to build relationships.
[10:04] 3) Dj Khaled has a framework for what he does.
[16:23] Recap

Episodes Mentioned:
1680: How To Will Yourself Into A Good Space & Run on Your Own Energy
1572: How To Manage Your Frustrations And Direct Your Energy Strategically
1528: How To Cultivate & Maintain Positive Energy
1373: How To Change Your Energy
1216: Your Energy Is More Important Than Your Skill
1196: Channeling Your Energy
1087: How To Have Energy That Attracts Good Things To You
1050: How To Be The Supplier OF Energy
231: Building Relationships Before You Need Them
1694: How To Do Your Own Public Relations
1489: Relationship-Building Principles
1439: Key To Building Relationships: TIME
1260: People Skills That Will Improve Interpersonal Relations Immediately
1234: Relationships: Stop Keeping Score
1760: A 4-Step Framework For Promoting Your Stuff And Getting Attention
1739: How To Teach Anything- The Point-Story-Application Framework
1592: The Work On Your Game Framework For Business & Sports
1440: Frameworks: Master Skill Of Organizing Knowledge

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